Servosila Harmonic Reduction Gears
Servosila Harmonic Reduction Gears
Servosila Harmonic Reduction Gears are created for those applications where space is at premium while lowest possible weight and minimal backlash are the key design drivers.
All servo drives made by Servosila make use of the harmonic reduction gears technology.
Advantages of Harmonic Reduction Gears
There several major advantages of harmonic reduction gears over more traditional reduction gears:
  • Lower weight given a specific reduction factor and a nominal moment.
  • Very low backlash. Suitable for precision machinery including CNC machines and robotic arms.
  • Very compact form.
  • Convenient shape suitable for various mechanical designs.
  • Hollow shaft that enables passing electrical cables through the shafts of reduction gears.
A manufacturing process implemented by Servosila supports making harmonic reduction gears with the following range of specifications:
Parameter Min Max
Reduction factor 50 160
Nominal moment, NM 1 350
Diameter, mm 40 170
Weight, grams 50 3600
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