• Servo Drives for Outdoor Applications

    Lightweight, heavy duty, intelligent.

  • Servo Drives for Outdoor Applications

    Watertight connectors (IP67) simplify designs of outdoor robots.

Servosila Servo Drives
The servo drives are specifically designed for outdoor mobile robotics applications.
  • Lightweight yet Powerful Servo Drives. Servosila Servo Drives feature a significantly lower weight for a given torque. The lower weight of servos increases mobility of the robotic system, reduces overall power consumption, improves motion dynamics and reduces the risk of serious injuries due to hits by moving robotic arms.
  • Built-un Intelligence. The servos are controlled via a CAN bus (optionally, via PWM) with a realtime telemetry feedback and automatic health checks.
  • Hollow Shafts. The servo drives have either hollow shafts or pass-through connectors for power and control bus cables. These features are specifically introduced to facilitate robotic arm designs. The cables hidden inside a robotic arm with a hollow shaft servos are well protected from possible damage caused by outdoor use.
  • Protection rating IP68.The servo drives are watertight, work in dust, rain and snow. Extended temperature range options are available.
Designs of the servo drives are based on a harmonic reduction gears technology and a field-oriented BLDC motor control (FOC) principle.
Intelligent Servo Drives
Servosila Robotic Arm
Each of the servo drives features a microprocessor-based controller that commands the drive’s shaft either in a “servo mode” or in a “speed mode” or in a “torque mode”. The built-in servo controller receives commands via a CANbus network from an on-board computer of a host mobile platform, executes the commands and sends telemetry back to the host platform.
Each servo drive features multiple built-in safeguards and protection mechanisms that prevent the servo drive from breaking down in harsh situations common to outdoor mobile robotic applications.

Servosila Servo Drives are specifically designed for outdoor mobile robotic applications such robotic arm manipulators or antenna positioning systems.

The hollow shafts of the servo drives simplify design of the robotic systems. Cables including a power bus, a CANbus network or an Ethernet network can be routed through a chain of servo drives. Rotating joints of robotic arms based on the servo drives hide the cables inside and reliably protect them from harsh outdoor environments. Reliability of the overall robotic system is improved due to better protection of the cables and their connectors.

The servo drives come with water- and dust-proof connectors suitable for outdoor use. The connectors simplify replacement of faulty parts in the field without special tools thus ensuring continuous operation of the robotic system.

A standards-based CANbus network interface with a CANopen application protocol and an integrated controller board make it easy to interface the servo drives to an onboard control system. Low weight of the servo drives make them well suited for mobile robotics applications where weight is always at premium.

Up to 15 servo drives can be connected in a chain with a unified CANbus network and a power supply cable. An integrated power management module enables reconfiguration of your robotic system in the field.

Servo Drive 35Nm
Servo Drive 56Nm
Servo Drive 64Nm
Torque, Nm 35.0 56.0 64.0
Weight, kg 1.0 1.0 1.25
Dimensions, mm
CAD model (*.STEP file) download download
Hollow shaft A built-in cable passes through the shaft. A built-in cable passes through the shaft. A built-in cable passes through the shaft.
Speed (90°, sec) 4.2 6.0 9.0
Precision, deg ± 0.2 ± 0.2 ± 0.2
Input voltage, VDC 18-36 18-36 18-36
Nominal voltage, VDC 24 24 24
Average power consumption, W 32 32 32
Max.number of servo drives connected in a single chain 15 15 15
Control bus CAN (options: RS232 or PWM)
IP class IP67 (dustproof, waterproof)
Operating temperature, °C -20…+65C
CANbus Control Interface

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